There are numerous ways to volunteer with ATI. Please review the opportunities below, and fill out our online volunteer form on the previous page if you are interested in helping out!

Client Work



Because our therapeutic work with clients is confidential, we cannot offer direct volunteer work with the majority of our clients, especially those under the age of 18. One exception is with our community-based adult clients, who are often open to working with local artists on collaborative projects. If you are interested in working with amazing adult artists in the community living with severe and persistent mental illness, please let us know!

Art Shows & Workshops



ATI hosts monthly art shows and workshops at our office, and sometimes in the greater community. We would love support framing artwork, hanging art shows, advertising for shows, staffing shows, breaking the shows down, and patching and re-painting our office/gallery walls as needed. Similarly, for our community-based monthly workshops, we need help setting up and breaking down the workshop spaces. If you volunteer for one of our workshops, you can attend the workshop for free.

Art Supply Donations



We work with over 500 clients every single week. As you can imagine, this means we need a lot of art supplies! We are looking for support in soliciting and gathering art supply donations, as well as seeking out sponsorship for these types of supplies. The most-needed supplies are often: high-quality paper, acrylic paints, paint brushes, Model Magic, oil pastels, colored pencils, markers/pens, glue sticks, tape, and scissors.



The majority of ATI’s clients live under the poverty line, and we provide free therapeutic services to anyone in need. Because of this, we rely on fundraising efforts to keep our nonprofit afloat. If you have any experience in putting together successful, community-based fundraising events, please let us know. We also welcome support for our annual, community-based fundraiser, I Heart Art.

Additionally, if your organization wants to host a fundraising event that benefits ATI, we welcome these partnerships. For instance, past restaurants have hosted fundraising nights where 10% of profits go to ATI. Or people have engaged in bike/running races and donated their personal fundraising efforts to ATI. Get creative!

Finally, one of our most successful fundraisers is our annual end-of-year video campaign. If you are a videographer who is willing to help us put that together, that would be wonderful!

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help us market our services. We welcome graphic designers, web designers, social media experts, marketing experts, media representation, etc., to help us successfully showcase our work within the greater community (online and in-person). We also participate in various community-wide events (art-making at health fairs, etc.) and are always open to volunteers helping us staff these events.

Marketing & Outreach

We have a wide range of office management tasks that need support, such as art supply organization, file organization, data entry, donor organization, photo editing and sorting, website maintenance, etc.

Office Management

We are currently seeking volunteers with accounting knowledge to help us manage our growing budget.


We are currently seeking volunteers with legal knowledge to help us with both legal issues related to nonprofit management as well as legal issues pertaining to our clientele.

Legal Expertise

We always welcome research support on our various evaluation projects. If you have a background in research and evaluation (qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods, arts-based, community-based, etc.) we would love to work with you!


Transportation & Childcare

If you are willing to drive clients to appointments or provide childcare during our adult art groups, please let us know. Transportation and childcare are generally barriers to clients coming to sessions.